Tools you should use: SitecoreUML

What is SitecoreUML?
SitecoreUML is a productivity tool built solely by Zachary Kniebel (Sitecore Slack: @zachary_kniebel) that enables architects to one-click deploy their Sitecore template architectures directly from their UML diagrams, as well as one-click import and generate UML diagrams from an existing Sitecore solution’s template architecture. SitecoreUML works with StarUML which is one of the most popular UML diagramming and modeling interfaces on the market.

Main use case:
SitecoreUML solves a key gap between UML diagrams and Sitecore template creation/maintenance. In the past, architects would spend time working on a UML diagram. Upon sign off of the UML diagram, someone would need to create the various Sitecore templates based on the UML diagram. This task is quite time consuming and would burn up a project’s billable hours. With SitecoreUML, the templates are created/maintained from the UML diagram itself. Once the UML diagram is signed off on, SitecoreUML allows for one click deployment of Sitecore templates from the UML diagram. Not only does this save time, but it saves a lot of time on one of the more mundane aspects of Sitecore development – creating templates within Sitecore.

Alternative use case:
You have inherited an undocumented Sitecore solution, and want to produce UML diagrams to showcase the various templates and their relationships. In the past this would burn through quite a bit of hours:
1st – understanding the template relationships and 2nd – building the UML diagram to showcase that relationship. Now with SitecoreUML, there is a one click option to produce the UML diagram from the existing template architecture in Sitecore.


  1. I use Creately online diagramming and collaboration tool, just because the number of use case templates and examples in their diagram community. They are very detailed and free to be used.


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