Sitecore Support Portal gets a new redesign!

I went to update a Sitecore support ticket this morning, and was pleasantly surprised to see a fresh new look to the Sitecore Support portal! Anyone who has opened tickets with Sitecore support is very familiar with the older UI. Nothing too bad but a little dated and clunky.

The new UI is very clean and more appealing to the eye IMO. I'm sure there are lots of subtle changes within but the one thing I noticed is that the default order of the ticketing system is now most recent to oldest instead of oldest to most recent. After working with Sitecore support over the years, this saves time as I no longer need to skip to the bottom of list to find my most recent support ticket.

Don't worry it isn't so new that there will be a learning curve, but I wanted to say thanks to Sitecore for cleaning up the Sitecore support portal.