Philly Sitecore User Group (4/21/2016): Personalization and rules engine

The Philly Sitecore User Group met for the first time in 2016 to discuss personalization and the Sitecore rules engine. First up was Kate Dalbey, Sr. Account Director @ Delphic Digital. She discussed a recent use case for Sunrise Senior Living where the results of some smaller personalization really drove great returns. Kate talked about how customer experience is really the overlap of three buckets: multichannel, content, and intelligence & technology. Don't dive into personalization until you understand the business and the users. In the case of Sunrise, they used a mini survey to flush out the user experience. This was accomplished by classifying the user type of care and showing it in various banners and navigation to remind them of the type of care needed.

A couple takeaways:
1) Very important to understand why you are personalizing and what the goal is of the personalization.
2) Small steps - "Don't boil the ocean". Take small steps and measure the effectiveness.

Next Zachary Kniebel, Technical Architect @ Delphic Digital discussed using the custom rules editor. Being familiar with the rules engine, I've mainly used it to personalize content on a website. Zachary showed us some great CM uses for the rules engine that can save you time such as enforcing policies for things like lower case naming of items. I found this to be very interesting alternative to writing a custom processor and adding it a pipeline.

Overall, it was a very informative night and I would like to thank all of the organizers and Delphic Digital


  1. Sunrise is definitely a good use care for personalization. I work with Clarity Pointe ( and this is helpful as we consider implementing other non-traditional growth strategies.


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