Content Migration and a strange Social Connected bug

I recently imported content into Sitecore 8.1 to bring in all of my existing Sitecore 7.1 data. After doing so, I started to work on adding the Social Connectors to my login page. Seemed extremely easy and straightforward - except for that yellow screen of death it kept causing.

The problem was with the content migration. Images (within Media Library) used to be a empty folder for use by websites. However with Social Connected now integrated with Sitecore 8.1, it appears Sitecore left the social icons in the Images folder (/Images/Social/). So when I did the full content refresh using RAZL, I must have overwrote the folder losing all the social icons. The result:

Value cannot be null or empty.
Parameter name: contentPath

I figured out the issue by decompiling Sitecore.Social to take a peek at the FacebookConnectorController. Within that controller:
public FacebookConnectorController() : base("Facebook", ID.Parse("{6AA5AA9F-071A-4808-91AC-709FAAFFB310}"))
After doing a quick search within Sitecore for the GUID, I realized the icons were deleted. I resolved the issue by grabbing the icons from a base install. Documenting the issue in case anyone else encounters it.