Mobilegeddon: What does it mean? Was your website ready?

On 4/21, Google made a very significant change to its algorithm to penalize websites that were not mobile friendly within mobile search results.  Now if your marketing team is running around in a panic that mobile devices are here to stay, then the problem may begin with the marketing team. All jokes aside, the need for a mobile friendly website should've been discussed and added to the pipeline years ago. In 2014, mobile internet traffic surpassed desktop traffic and that is a trend that will only continue over time. If you haven't gotten started yet, better get moving! Here are a few points to help with the mobilegeddon:

What is a mobile friendly design?
  • Responsive (BEST) - resizes page based on browser width
  • Dynamic Serving - server renders page with different HTML and CSS based on device
  • Mobile website - A completely separate website typically hosted on a subdomain (m.*)
 Is your website mobile friendly already?
Visit: and test some pages. See if you pass. If you don't its time to be responsive about your website's responsive design!

Test your website for the various sizes:
Screenfly is a great resource for seeing how your website will render.

Some common mistakes:
  • Blocked code - robots.txt 
  • Unplayable content - use HTML5/JQuery not FLASH!! 
  • Avoid interstitial (aka Pop-ups) 
  • Slow page load - impacts ranking and also whether the user waits for content
What impacts the mobile friendly score?
  • Viewport configuration
  • Font legibility
  • Incompatible plugins 
  •  Fitting content within viewport
  • Size and closeness of links
 While I could dive into Sitecore specifics, I find that this topic is really not Sitecore specific. Sitecore provides the tools to do any of the above mobile friendly techniques, so it is really up to the developers/designers on how to implement your mobile friendly website! But since I'm a Sitecore MVP, I decided I better link to some actual Sitecore resources too.