Sitecore DMS and using Pattern Cards: Analytics.Patterns.MinimalProfileScoreCount

During testing of the Sitecore DMS in my beta environment, I ran into an issue. It appeared that my profile cards were not being applied properly to a pattern card. However upon further investigation, I determined that it was misleading information regarding a setting in the DMS which led me to believe that there was a problem.


This setting states that it is the number of pages before Sitecore will assign a Pattern Card to a visitor. From Sitecore documentation: 
The value attribute of this setting specifies how many pages need to be accessed during a visit before pattern matching behavior begins. For example, if the value= "3" then pattern matching will begin when the number of pages visited is greater than 3.
However I clearly had visited more than 3 pages, yet I had no pattern card assigned to my visitor. This caused me to do a double take on the setting name: Minimal Profile Score Count. Hmm, its not called Minimal Page Count. Since only 1 page was assigned  a profile card, I had to visit that page over 3 times before a pattern card was assigned to my visitor.

To test the scenario:
1) Visit my test DMS page (with title set to toggle based on pattern card)
2) Visit my profile assigned page
3) Repeat 1 and 2.

Iteration 1: title still displayed
Iteration 2: title still displayed
Iteration 3: title still displayed
Iteration 4: title disappeared.

Based on documentation, I would've thought Iteration 3 should've worked as it would have been 5 page visited. However since the DMS page doesn't have a profile card, it doesn't count in the total before assigning the pattern card.  

I know this is not earth shattering news - but it threw me off for a little bit so I thought I shared with the community in case anyone else encounters this issue. Maybe Sitecore should update documentation as not every page in a site will have a profile card. Especially in the testing phase of the DMS.