Chrome Extension: Sitecore Developer Tool

I recently stumbled across a very useful tool for those Sitecore developers using Google Chrome. Vlad Shpak created a Google Chrome Extension, Sitecore Developer Tool, which helps with Sitecore functionality such as:
  • Shortcuts to Favorites

  • Shortcuts for Admin pages 
  • Shortcuts for switching databases 

  • Shortcuts for switching to various modes

All of these are things that any Sitecore developer already knew to leverage, however I like the clean user interface and the ability to customize additional features. It is simple to use and will save a Sitecore developer a little time especially with the Admin pages which I usually type in manually to access.

I really like the fact that the Sitecore Developer Tool is customizable as you can modify it to do just about anything you need. Whether it is adding additional Favorites, Admin pages, or customizing your database names for when you don't use the standard: master, web, and core.

Nice job Vlad! The Google Chrome Extension: Sitecore Developer Tool as been added to my arsenal of weapons.